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  • Lorie Hedgepeth


Consider with me this morning the significance of the following statements:

  • “Wisdom strengthens the wise more than ten rulers of the city.” (Ecclesiastes 7:19)

  • “A wise man’s heart (spirit) discerns both time (timing) and judgment.” (Ecclesiastes 8:5)

  • “Wisdom is better than weapons of war.” (Ecclesiastes 9:18)

It would seem that there has been an inversion of truth in this country; right is wrong and wrong is right. The current governmental leadership of our nation is pushing a liberal, anti-Christian, anti-biblical agenda. As never before, God’s people are going to need supernatural strength and wisdom to live for God and lead their families.

Seemingly, we have no recourse against the current bullish push against biblical morality and biblical values. Our greatest weapons are prayer and wisdom. Prayer is not just for help to get through a day, pay bills and be healed when we are sick. In scripture, nations were turned as a result of prayer. Matthew 17:20 assures us that faith-filled prayer will move mountains. According to Ecclesiastes 7:19, spiritual wisdom strengthens us MORE than 10 political leaders. Wisdom is a big deal. Ecclesiastes says that wisdom is better than weapons of war. Ecclesiastes 8:5 assures us that a wise man’s spirit discerns things… he/she sees and understands time/timing (when to speak, act, respond) and the judging of situations.

Being wise requires us to remember what Jesus said to remember. At the Last Supper, Jesus said, “this do in remembrance of me. (Luke 22:19). Notice His words: IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME. Whatever Jesus said to remember… we must make every effort to remember. Jesus never wasted words or made frivolous statements. It is so easy to get so caught up in living life day-to-day, going and doing - that we forget God. As never before, we must be intentional about remembering God and all He is and all He does. Remember Him as we begin our day. Remember Him as we go through our day. Remember Him as we are with our children and grandchildren. Remember Him as we do life. Remember Him as we do ministry.

Many times we find ourselves in situations for which there is no clear answer for our problem or dilemma. In times when we lack wisdom, we can ask of God and He will give us wisdom in liberal measure. You are not navigating your way through the maze of life and ministry alone----there is a God that knows tomorrow better than we know yesterday and that willfully and generously imparts wisdom to those who ask.

In this messed up world, we as God’s people have a divine advantage: the Holy Spirit that leads us into ALL truth! He speaks to us what the Father speaks to Him. The Holy Spirit’s speaking is not limited to a sanctuary or a service. He speaks to us in hospital rooms, emergency rooms, living rooms, boardrooms counseling sessions and study times. Today, may the voice of the Holy Spirit speak a clear word of wisdom for your situation. Claim the unchanging promise of God:

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not.”

[James 1:5]

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