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  • Lorie Hedgepeth

Truths of Christmas

Christmas is big business. Multiplied millions of dollars in sales are generated as a direct result of this special event called Christmas. Then there’s the busyness of Christmas with all the shopping, decorating, preparing, traveling and visiting that goes with it. It seems the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a whirlwind of activity. I invite you to join me for a few minutes as we pause to ponder four amazing and unchanging truths of Christmas.

  1. Deity Wrapped In Humanity. The angel told Mary: “Behold you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus”. Jesus, the Divine Son of God wrapped in... residing in humanity. Every person that by faith accepts Jesus as their Savior: Jesus comes into their life… Deity comes to live in humanity. The promise of Revelation 3:20 is: “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any man will hear my voice and open the door, I will come into him and sup (fellowship) with him and he with me”. Regardless of faults, failures and frailties… Jesus awaits our response to His invitation. Saying “Yes” to Jesus will change your destiny and impact your family for eternity.

  2. Mercy In A Manger. “And they (the shepherds) came with haste and found Mary and Joseph and the babe lying in a manger” (Luke 2:16). Thank God for His Mercy! How we need the mercy of God. Blind Bartimaeus cried out for mercy and Jesus opened his blinded eyes. A father went to Jesus and begged for mercy for his son and his son was immediately set free. Perhaps it’s you, your son or daughter or brother or sister that needs the mercy of God. God’s mercy didn’t stay in a manger… that same mercy is here… now… for those who, in faith call upon God. His mercy is without measure… His love is without limits and His acceptance is without exception.

  3. Peace On Earth. The message from Heaven’s angelic host, at Jesus’ birth was: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14). Ephesians 2:14 says that Christ Himself is our peace. This Christmas finds us in cultural climate of fear, division and rage. The message of God’s Church is so needed during this sacred season: Jesus is our Peace, and He has come to bring peace on this earth.

  4. Provision Within a Proclamation. The angel said to Mary: “For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37). A lot of people need to know that. No doubt, someone you know… someone I know, needs to know that simple yet, profound truth—with God nothing is impossible. Regardless of dilemma or diagnosis, problem or predicament-God can turn it around for He does what neither man nor medicine can do. Thank God for Jesus, His Son who forgives our sin, breaks the chains of addiction, heals sick bodies and restores broken hearts and homes.

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