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  • Lorie Hedgepeth

The Wow Factor

Whatever we do for God should be done with excellence.  When Solomon built the temple, he did not take the easiest or most cost-effective route… he did all he could to create the “Wow” factor.  Every week, pastors and leadership teams pray, plan and work to create the “Wow Factor” for all those who attend the Sunday worship service.  Over time, “excellence” becomes part of the culture of the church.  There is also a “Wow Factor” that is created by the presence, power and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

Without a doubt, people were “wowed” by Jesus’ ministry everywhere He went.  It was said of Him: “No man ever spoke as this man” and “what manner of man is this that even the winds obey His voice?”  There is no substitute for what happens when the Holy Spirit moves as God’s people are gathered for corporate worship.  Without the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a church service is but a performance, preaching is but a presentation and the praise and worship is but a concert.   It is that “Wow Factor” that keeps people coming week after week.

The Bow Factor

We pray, plan, and prepare.  We pay attention to details.  We do all we can do to create a culture of welcome and hospitality.  We pray over every part of what is done and believe God for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   ALL of this is done to create the “Bow Factor” … where people are drawn to a place of repentance and worship at Jesus’ feet.  The Holy Spirit always exalts Jesus and it is in His Presence, awed by Him… that we bow in submission and worship.

Sometimes people literally go to an altar and bow in prayer and praise and often times, people will stand yet, inside, their spirit is bowing in worship to Jesus - God’s Son, our Savior. Saints and sinners, the poor and the prosperous, those broken and bruised by life… there is room for all, at the feet of Jesus.  There is something about this Jesus, who makes us want to just bow in worship at His nail-scarred feet… the “Bow Factor”.

The Now Factor

The “Wow Factor” and the “Bow Factor” always generate the “Now Factor”.   The “Now Factor” is that sense of urgency to go to God Now!… to yield to God NOW… to say “yes” to whatever God wants of my life… Now!  As a result of the “Wow Factor” and the “Bow Factor” people are strongly and intensely drawn to God… Now!   It is INCREDIBLY powerful… sinners are saved, lives are changed and destinies are altered……WOW!

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