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  • Lorie Hedgepeth

Storms (Part 2) Leading Through A Storm

At one time or another, every leader encounters a storm. In a moment, without warning, our situation can change from tranquil to troubled. Sometimes, leaders must lead in and through a storm. Granted, it is safer to stay “anchored” in the harbor. “Stationary” can be just a nice word for “stagnant”. Successful leadership results in moving/leading a family, church, business or organization from one point to another… from the present to the preferred future. So, how is a leader to lead through storms? Consider with me what the Apostle Paul did to exemplify leadership in a storm (Acts 27).

1. Paul got alone with God during the storm (v.21). Without fail, during a storm, leaders

will either seek God or shun God. Most of the time, that one choice will determine

whether the leader and those he/she leads will survive the storm or not. Seekers are

survivors. Isaiah 55:6 says, “Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him

while He is near”.

2. Paul received a word from God (v. 23-24). Amazing what a word from God can do.

Leaders that lead through storms MUST have revelation wisdom for THAT storm

because every storm is different. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would speak to us

and lead us (John 16:13). Parent, pastor, proprietor or politician… in the storm, God

always has a Word of knowledge and wisdom to give.

3. Paul stepped up and spoke up… that’s what leaders do. Notice in verse 21 it says that

Paul “stood forth” (KJV). Stormy situations sometimes arise that require us as leaders

to stand up and speak things that no one else will say. Instead of singing “gloom despair, it’s agony on me”-Paul said, “FEAR NOT, BE OF GOOD CHEER…FOR I BELIEVE

GOD”. Anybody can say what everybody is saying but, it takes a man or a woman of

God to speak faith in the midst of fear.

4. Paul influenced those in the storm to partake of food (v. 33). When the storms of life

come, many Christians avoid the Presence and the Provisions of God, which makes no sense. Storm or no storm, peace or problems, poverty or prosperity-we MUST partake of the Word of God. Jeremiah 15:16 teaches us that God’s Word brings joy. Matthew 4:4 tells us that God’s Word is spiritual food. As we lead through storms, it is imperative that we point people to the Word of God.

5. Paul stayed with the people all the way through the storm (v. 42-44). Following God’s

Vision will always mean that there will be storms between where we are and where we

are going. The leader need not LEAD TO IT, if he/she is not going to LEAD THROUGH IT.

In leadership, storms are part of the journey. No need to fear: The One That Leads Us, As We Lead Others, Is the Storm-Stopper, Way-Maker and Peace-Speaker!

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