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  • Lorie Hedgepeth

Pie or Promise? Part 2 - Beyond All Limits

Do you operate by the “Pie Principle” or the “Promise Principle?”

The answer to the above question will determine whether you are blessed Beyond All Limits. Many Christians operate by the “Pie Principle”. The “Pie Principle” is applied by some people when it comes to their giving. The “Pie Principle” says that there are just so many slices in one pie and therefore that which one gives to the work of God is based upon how many slices are needed from the pie for expenses, etc. and… the size of the slice for the work of God is based on the size of the other slices.

Too often a “slice” becomes a “sliver”. People that operate by the “Pie Principle”struggle with tithing because it just doesn’t make sense that a person can do as much with 90% as they can with 100%. By the way, according to Malachi 3:10 we are to give a “tithe” (10 percent) of our income to the church we are a part of. Tithing is not a “request” … it is a “requirement”.

Back to the Pie: “Pie Principle” people always “put the pencil to it” and try to see if they can “afford” to tithe or give offerings to missions etc. “Pie Principle” people that do pay tithes, sometimes pay on the net instead of the gross. “Pie Principle” people give offerings on the basis of “reason” rather than “revelation”. Human “reasoning” tries to reason out and rationalize the gift and rarely considers the faith factor. “Pie Principle” people ask “Why?” ….” Promise Principle” people ask, “Why Not?”

Perhaps, you are one of those who operate by the “Promise Principle”. The “Promise Principle” is based upon a promise given by Jesus himself, in Luke 6:38 which says: “Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give unto you, for with the same measure that you give it shall be measured to you again.” “Promise Principle” people understand that the decision to give and the amount to give is not based on the pie… it’s based on the promise of Luke 6:38.

The promise in the principle of Luke 6:38 is that giving by faith and trust in God’s Word changes everything. “Promise Principle” people understand that when they give to God - God ALWAYS gives back and it activates a divine supply that is Beyond All Limits!

“Promise Principle” people pay their tithes and give generously to missions, special projects and the needs of people around them. “Promise Principle” people are cheerful givers because they know that when they give, it activates the supernatural provisions of God. “Promise Principle” people are always alert to opportunities to bless others. “Promise Principle” people are blessed people. (Proverbs 22:9)

The “Promise Principle” works in every area of our lives. When we give love, mercy, kindness, time and concern - the same is given back to us in good measure. Sharon and I have been in ministry for 45 years and God has been so good to us. We have been blessed to pastor MANY “Promise Principle” people. So, I will end with this question:

Are You A “Pie Principle” Or A “Promise Principle” Person?

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