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  • Lorie Hedgepeth

"Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you ON the water..."

From the first moments of salvation until our eyes close in death, our walk with God is fueled and framed by faith. It is by faith that the Christian, day-by-day lives life. We do not live, in church. As much as we enjoy church and need the ministry of the Word and fellowship with other Christians… we don’t live in the church. There is family, there are jobs, there are bills to pay, children to raise, grass to cut, clothes to wash, homework, ball games, school programs, birthday parties, vacations………. life. And it is by faith, that we, day-by-day live our lives and deal with the challenges and changes that life brings.

Now……What was Peter thinking? Was it a slip of the tongue or what? In a raging storm, Peter said to Jesus: “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you ON the water”. Surely, he must have meant IN the water. Or did he? Perhaps, Peter said what he meant and meant what he said, and that night he put it all on the line. Perhaps….. is it possible, that being with Jesus, listening day after day to kingdom truths, watching…. seeing with his own eyes the lame walk and lepers cleansed, demons cast out and the dead brought back to life, that it created an intense longing to operate in that kind of faith? What really is amazing, is this was Pre-Pentecost!

I must confess, there is a restlessness in my spirit, a longing…. .an intense craving for God to work and move in such power in His church that masses of people would come to Jesus, spiritual gifts would operate, the sick would be healed and the bound be set free. I believe there are ministers and laity all across this district that long to see an outpouring of supernatural power that brings a supernatural harvest of souls - where God would be allowed to be God, in His church, so much so that budgets and buildings and power struggles would fade and give place to an insatiable hunger for God. In his own strength, Peter could get to Jesus IN the water---but to get to Jesus ON the water would require a radical faith…. a total dependence on a Word from The Master. Jesus spoke one word, and something stirred inside Peter! Jesus said, “Come”-and Peter moved toward Jesus. Storm or no storm, wind or wave….. it mattered not…. Peter acted on what he heard from God.

I believe even now, the Holy Spirit is moving and someone’s faith is being stirred to act on what God has been saying. You are tired of being in the boat where it is safe…. in faith, you are stepping out, speaking up and doing that which God bids you do. When we move in faith…God moves in power!

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