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  • Lorie Hedgepeth

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed...

Going where God bids us go, and doing what He bids us do, never comes without cost or conflict. More times than not, the work of God requires us to believe for the miraculous. There are always those who seem to see the dark side rather than the bright side, the negative rather than the positive, and the obstacle rather than the opportunity. God’s instruction to Joshua was to take the walled city of Jericho. The battle plan was to march around Jericho every day for seven days. What kind of plan is that? But Joshua was obedient and he did exactly as God told him. On the seventh day, they marched around seven times and on the seventh time around, the walls fell flat. Without exception, when we move in faith - God moves in power. In fact, if we never attempt the impossible… if we only attempt what we know we can do, we will never accomplish what only God can do.

Consider with me some of the impossible situations from scripture:

  • Noah had to build what he had never seen and preach a message no one wanted to hear.

  • Moses had to stand before Pharaoh and demand that he release three-million people from captivity and then lead them, in spite of their rebellion and unbelief.

  • David believed God to enable him to defeat a giant that defied the entire Israeli army.

  • Nehemiah believed God to enable him to start a building program with nothing but vision and faith.

  • Daniel believed God to protect him and deliver him from a den of hungry lions.

  • Jesus believed God to raise Lazarus, though three days dead.

  • Jesus believed God to multiply 5 loaves and two fishes to feed 5,000 people.

  • Peter and John believed God to heal a man lame from birth.

  • Peter prayed and believed for Dorcas to be raised from the dead.

  • The church prayed and believed God to deliver Peter from prison.

What is it that seems impossible to you? An unexpected diagnosis? A lifetime of addiction? A broken relationship? A huge financial need? What is it that seems impossible? Vision, but no victory? Relentless opposition? A burned-over field of ministry? A call and commitment to move forward in a church content to stay as they are?

Just because a situation seems impossible, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Jesus said in Matthew 19:26, “…with God, all things are possible”. We serve a mighty God! We serve a faithful God! The same Spirit that swept through the Upper Room resides and abides in us! Paul said, “Nay in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loves us”.

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