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  • Lorie Hedgepeth

First Words 10-17-22

Eleven times in the first fifteen chapters of Jeremiah, it is recorded that God spoke directly to Jeremiah. God is not silent and separate, remote, or removed from the everyday lives of His people. There is nothing about God that is limited by time or space…He can speak to anyone, any time, or any place. The Lord spoke to Adam in a garden and to Moses in a desert. He spoke to Noah in an ark, on the floodwaters of judgment. He spoke to Jacob, at the brook Jabbok. The Lord spoke to Paul in prison, to Peter on a rooftop, and to John on an island called Patmos. Suffice it to say, the voice of God is not limited to tents, temples, tabernacles, sanctuaries, or services.

Whereas it is important that the Christian hear the voice of God, it is imperative that the minister hear the voice of God. An occasional awareness of God’s leading is not enough. The people we minister to must have a Word from God. A Word from God changes a sermon into a message. Sermons are shared……. messages are preached. A presentation is one thing…. a prophetic Word is quite another. A Word from God can give wisdom, caution, correction confirmation or comfort at a critical moment in someone’s life. How we need to hear God speak!

The Lord doesn’t just speak a word to us for others-He speaks to us for us. I know the people I preach to need a Word from God---but I too need a Word. I need to hear Him. Each of us deal with our own issues and face our own unique challenges…. we need to hear Him. A Word from God can give us discernment, in the midst of difficulty. A Word from God can keep us from making bad financial decisions. Jesus said that when He (the Holy Spirit) came, He would lead us into all truth.

The Lord spoke to Job, in the midst of a storm. On a ship, tossed by wind and wave, Jesus spoke to a storm. When you’re in a storm it really doesn’t matter whether the Lord speaks to it or in it….. as long as He speaks. Perhaps that’s where you are… in a storm. A storm of opposition. A storm of discouragement. A storm of fear. A storm of financial pressure. A storm of sickness. A storm of temptation. A storm of confusion. Regardless the storm….. He speaks. Today, on this October Monday morning, no matter what your situation---mountain or valley, stormy or still, make it your determination to hear God speaking into your spirit.

“Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto

me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.”

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