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  • Lorie Hedgepeth

"Come Unto Me..."

Our hearts and minds are filled with anticipation as 2021 begins to unfold. As we consider the challenges and opportunities before us, there is a still, small voice that awaits our response. The Word our Lord speaks an invitation that will stay and stand before us, throughout this year. It is a word of invitation to every person regardless of profession or position. Against the backdrop of civil unrest, cultural division and a new president with a socialistic/liberal agenda, Jesus says: “Come unto me”.

Simple… but, profound. An invitation from our Lord that conflicts with the other voices around us. The demands of life, family and ministry cry out for our time and attention while Jesus, with love and compassion simply says, “Come unto me”. It is more than important - it is extremely crucial that we hear and heed His call to go to Him. If you are reading this and you feel there is a distance between you and God... yet, you yearn for His Presence—Go to Jesus. You might feel you have made too many bad choices and let too many people down—Go to Jesus. You may fear facing people—Go to Jesus… don’t delay or fall back on old excuses—Go to Jesus.

A lot of good things may distract us from spending time with Him in prayer and in His Word: jobs, family responsibilities, meetings, sermon preparation, praise and worship practice, sports events, etc. Nevertheless, His invitation stands: “Come unto Me”. Jesus bids us individually, and collectively as His Church, to Come unto Him. My walk with God will be stronger if I heed His call. I will be a better husband, a better father, a better grandparent, a better preacher, a better leader... IF I, day-after-day do as He bids: “Come Unto Me”. These perilous and perplexing times in which we live, require us to go to Him daily. We are now in a different season. An occasional attendance at church won’t work in this season. You and I absolutely must... Go to Jesus everyday, for everything.

You can mark it down: each of us will face some things and deal with some things in 2021 that are going to require a greater measure of His discernment, wisdom and strength. I don’t know what you are facing today, or, what you are wrestling with, in the depths of your spirit or the recesses of your mind... regardless, He calls: “Come unto Me ….and I will give you rest”.

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